• Kalasam – continues the tradition of good quality bottled water, from the house of Natural WatersCo.(NWC)
  • NWC, established in 1996, is one of the first BIS approved packaged drinking water plants in the country. Since last 20 years, NWC is committed towards a healthy and happy society.
  • Kalasam – water goes through rigorous multi-level purifying and sterilization process using fully automated machines.
  • Kalasam comes to you in a tamper-proof 20 liter PET bottles.
  • Kalasam ensures 24 hour delivery service, right up to your door step, through a professionally competent and networked delivery team that uses modern communication technologies.
  • On a whole, Kalasam offers you good quality water with reliable service and at an affordable price.


Call or WhatsApp – +91 9492238484 | mail us: info@naturalwaters.in